The Mola (is one of our indians art) of a donkey represents the name of our Estate "El Burro" (The Donkey).






The Plantation



El Burro estate offers a fruity bright and generous sparkling acidity that will fill your mouth with an attractive basket of citrus fruit including lulo and tamarillo. The chocolate undertones, along with its big body, makes it a dynamic and balanced coffee.

El Burro Estate had three coffes in the Best of Panama 2015 competetion of which all three are going to the Best of Panama 2015 auction

Geisha Natural 3rd place
Traditional Natural 3rd place
Geisha Washed qualified for the auction.

Like our Elida, El Burro is grown at very high elevations, sun dried, grown in rich young volcanic soils, bird friendly, very low water use for processing the coffee, the trees are surrounded by the Volcan Baru National Park -a virgin-native cloudy rain forest-, the nights get cold here, these low temperatures also extend the ripening time 1 month longer (thereby the development of the bean). All these unique growing conditions show in a distinguished cup.

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